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What is a cookie?

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Cookies have different functions. A cookie can enable the sender to recognize an Internet user, from one visit to the next, vi a unique identifier. Certain cookies can also be use to store the content of a again to carry out targeted advertising.

What is the applicable legal framework

In amending Article 5(3) of Directive 2002/58/EC by the adoption of Directive 2009/136/EC, the European legislator established the principle that storage of information on a user's equipment or access to information already stored should be carried out only with the user's prior consent, unless such actions are strictly necessary to the supplier for the provision of a service expressly requested by the subscriber or the user. Article 32-II of the law of the 6th of January 1978 reiterates this principle. uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • To help us to recognize your browser as that of a previous visitor and to save the preferences you defined on your previous visit to
  • To help us to save the products added to your shopping cart during your visits
  • To help us to measure and study the effectiveness of our line interactive content and its characteristics, and other communication.

How can you delete the cookies associated with your Internet surfing on

You can choose to disable cookies in your browser at any time by following the instructions given in your browser's help files. You can also configure your cookies directly in your browser settings.

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