Latex free Probe cover

Soft Protection Sonde

The latex-free SOFT probe covers are made of high-quality polyisoprene.

They are specially designed to ensure maximum flexibility and safety during ultrasound intrauterine examinations.

The shape is perfectly adapted to the sensor surface to ensure that no bubbles can cause image disturbance.

Type KX07 is the most commonly used sensor protection due to its dimensions.

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Characteristics of SOFT latex-free probe protection :

  • Nominal length: 230 mm
  • Nominal Width: 53 mm
  • Nominal thickness: 0,09 mm
  • Not lubricated
  • Not sterile

Characteristics of SOFT latex-free probe protection :

  • Leakage resistance tests
  • Seamless
  • Appropriate form
  • Flexibility & Safety
  • Under individual foil
Box of 72 latex-free probe covers
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